Barrangaroo, NSW


With a purpose of helping their clients realise ambitious possibilities to innovate and stay ahead of the competition, it was imperative the space reflected this in its entirety while maintaining humanised warmth. Easily mistaken for a beautiful bar or lounge, FromHereOn is a sophisticated and refined space with high level detailing and furnishings to reflect the brand and resonated with the values and work they create. 

Project Brief

FromHereOn wanted their new premises in Sydney to be a working environment that goes beyond activity-based working and co-work. To create a new kind of environment that celebrates the workplace as a space to be enjoyed and invested in – as much as we invest in our own homes. They wanted it to feel like the home of work – where they can spend time with colleagues and clients to solve problems and deliver projects and also enjoy the experience of working with real people whom they respect, admire and love. It also had to be a compelling back-to-base proposition for their consultants who spend most of their time working on client site. It had to be a venue with soul and promise.

Design Challenge

Because the building is a heritage 1 listed building, the greatest challenge came from the physical, structural design of the space; not a single screw could be drilled into the existing sandstone structure which meant we had to consider carefully how we would deliver the AV solution.

FromHereOn houses a large number of consultants, most of which projected a strong need for highly collaborative spaces. It was important to find a happy medium between energising creative flow and focussed development work.

What We Delivered

FromHereOn sits across two floors with the main client-centric zones spread across the top floor that comprises of a bar, library and presentation room. The lower level 4 is the focus and performance areas.

On the performance level, the Play room is the ideas lab and where all the magic starts. This is where staff begin the process with play and creation that starts the creative journey. It’s where ideas happen. We made this a music only zone with high quality truss mounted stereo speakers where High Fidelity music streams supportingly in the background assisting with the creative process.

Work Work Work is a contemporary open plan workspace. This is where the ideas from the Play room are further developed and refined. This is also a High Fidelity music zone with the addition of a Ultra High Definition video transmitter to connect work in progress with the presentation spaces on level four.

Video Presence is an audio and visual space that has been set up for video conferencing. FromHereOn has offices and clients all around the world and this room has been designed to enable staff communications and video conferencing with clients anywhere. Simply pick up one of the four individual iPads and slot it into the purpose designed desk to stand your iPad perfectly for video capture and visual feed back to the UHD TV on the wall. This is where sharing and collaborating is made easy.

Continuing on to the end of level 4 is the Theatre room. This gem is furnished with a state-of-the-art projector and projection screen, beanbags and cushions that compliment the relaxed nature of this room. The Theatre doubles as a place where designs and presentations can be showcased, as well as being an escape room where staff can retreat to for some re-energising or used as a break out room.

Heading up to the main client-centric level, you’ll find Focus, Bar and Live rooms.

The Works

  • Full lighting control and customised lighting scenes
  • Multi-room audio for streaming music
  • Multi-room TV zones with video distribution for video conferences
  • Managed network and Wi-Fi
  • Theatre room with projector and projection screen