Be Entertained

There is no denying that as Australians, we love parties, and with parties, there’s always music. Listening to music is not longer something we only do in the car or plugged in to our iPods or iPhones. We want music in the kitchen while we prepare our family meals. We want music in the living and dining rooms where we host dinners with friends and family. We want music out in the garden while we enjoy our BBQs. We want music in the bathroom while we are getting ready for the day. And the kids want music in their bedrooms while they chill out. Every one of these rooms can play their own music independently at the same time, or you can group all the main areas into one party zone. The choice is yours.

The other thing Australian’s love, sport! You might have your favourite AFL game playing in the main living room, one child might have soccer on in their bedroom, another child might have Netflix on in their bedroom, and you might have Master Chef on in the kitchen. Control it all with one simple-to-use remote control or from your iPhone or iPad.

Outdoor Entertainment

Many homeowners are turning outdoor spaces into luxurious entertainment areas. Outdoor TVs or large projection screens with projectors, and speakers installed around patios, pools and spas have transformed ordinary outdoor spaces into exciting outdoor living areas.

Imagine how you would like to enjoy the outdoor areas of your home. You can enjoy the warm weather, watch a game on TV or listen to your favourite music, while keeping an eye on the kids in the pool.

Weather-hardy speakers can disappear into outside walls, eves, stonework, or decorative rocks. We can even create separate zones so that those lounging by the pool can listen to something different than those relaxing on the patio.

Light up your outdoor world. Set the mood of the outdoor area with programmable lighting control. Multiple outdoor lighting zones can be operated from a single keypad. Program the outdoor lighting to turn on or off at different times of the day, so you always have the lighting you prefer, without touching a button.

Welcome to your own outdoor home cinema. Imagine enjoying a movie on a balmy evening or at night under the stars. Audio and video content can be delivered from the electronic equipment inside your home and accessed with an easy-to-use remote control, touchscreen or mobile phone.

Setting up your network so that it can manage all these demands is vital to ensuring you not only have fast internet speeds but also to minimise downtime so you can play movies and music without having to deal with hiccups along the way.

Audio/Visual Entertainment

Whether you like to have access to different TV or movie channels in different rooms, different music in different rooms, or combining all rooms into one big party zone, you can manage and control it from anywhere.

Lighting Automation

Creating different lighting scenes to suit the usage of your room just the way you like it is simple to create. Program for full work mode lighting to moody dinner scene, to very dim cinema mode to relaxing scene, all at the touch of a button.

Motorised Shades

Motorised curtains and blinds are silent and move with synchronicity. We have blind fabrics that cater for any application — heat reflective, block-out, sheer, decorative, whatever you desire, we can find the right solution for you.

Climate Control

Climate control, like lighting and music are set up in zones to allow us greater control in creating the right climate in different parts of our homes for the most comfortable setting to work, host dinners, or simply to chill with loved ones.

CCTV Cameras/ Door Stations

Door station and CCTV cameras capture movement around your home and takes a photo of every person that rings your doorbell and sends it directly to your mobile phone wherever you are in the world. Have complete control of your home.

Energy Management

With our total control platform, a quick glance at your phone and you are able to know exactly how much energy you are using, identify your high-use areas & the most energy hungry appliances so you can manage usage accordingly.

Design and Installation

Purpose manage all aspects of your residential or commercial technology integration project—from concept to completion and we work very closely with your architect, interior designer and builder to make their process management easy.

PurposeCare Support

PurposeCare is a service that provides remote monitoring and management of your home and business network and systems so downtime is reduced and any issues that might arise resolved efficiently.



Before you go any further with your revovation or building plans, talk to us about your home entertainment, security and technology requirement. Getting the network set up right from the start will ensure that your network will cope with all the movie and music streaming you enjoy, feed internet hungry mobile devises and set you up for any future add ons you may desire.

Tell us a bit about you and what you're looking for and we will be in touch for a chat very soon.

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